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These non-socially distanced people are totally actors in a stock photo. We are much better looking.


Does one or more of the following describe you?

  • Expertise in a technical, scientific, or other specialized field.
  • Ability to explain complex topics in a clear and concise manner.
  • Wide background of knowledge and ability to solve diverse, unstructured problems.

If so, we'd love for you to join our network of experts for consulting engagements.

"...but my resume doesn't translate to the commercial sector..."

We have a lot of experience with former government and military personnel who bring special skills and expertise not found in the commercial world.

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Write for Franklin Faraday Insights

If you have something interesting to say and would like to contribute to Franklin Faraday Insights, please send us a proposal. The goal is to help our readers think about technology so they can make better decisions.

A good metric is: "Would the reader get $1,000 worth of value from this, either by gaining an actionable knowledge or avoiding a costly mistake?"

If so, then it's probably a great article!

Here are some (but not all) topics of possible interest:

AI • Aviation • Cybersecurity • Cognitive Biases • Engineering • Entrepreneurship • Environment • #FAIL • Finance • Health/Biology • Insider Threats • Investing • Leadership • Management • Science (Hard Sciences: Biology, Physics, Chemistry) • Risk • Robotics • Space • Technology • Random Fun Things (Humor, Food, Music, Art, General Weirdness)


We are serious, professional experts.

However, internally we don't take ourselves too seriously. We've all had prior careers doing things that were not fun, with people who were not pleasant, in places that were not good.

Life's too short.

Here are some things you will find when you work with us:

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Bring your pet to work!
(Because we are remote, it won't bother anyone else if your cat knocks over your drink or chews your laptop.)

Here are some things you won't find when you work with us:

Image Description

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"...and when the teambuilding was complete, they realized they still had to walk back down the mountain, but this time in the dark."

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